Motivation is essential to a person no matter what field he is in or what he wants to do.

Ali Zamany, the Regional Distributor at my office, Energy Savings B.C., gave the office a motivational speech. The content was constructed by Pearson MacDonald, the founder of Energy Savings B.C.


The late Pearson MacDonald was pioneer in developing the direct sales model in use at the Energy Savings Group. He worked closely with the founders Rebecca MacDonald and Brennen Mulcahy, who have built the company into one of the largest energy marketers in North America. The foundation for their success can be partially attributed to Pearson’s Iron Clad Rules and to the belief in a positive winning attitude.

  1. 1. “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”
  • Anything worth having is worth fighting for – so fight for it!
  1. 2. “Work your plan and plan your work.”
  • Know what day, what time and where you are going to work. You are your own boss and therefore you must manage yourself and/or your family responsibly
  1. 3. “Action makes you positive; inaction makes you negative.”
  • Not going to work makes you feel guilty; however, as soon as you start walking and talking you’ll feel excellent
  1. 4. “Practice, Practice, Practice.”
  • One thing you always hear about top sales performers is that they always practice more and try harder
  1. 5. “Momentum is everything!”
  • One you start work, don’t stop for coffee, food, etc. until your day is complete. Once the ball is rolling, don’t stop it.
  1. 6. “Treat a job like a job and a business like a business.”
  • Once at a presentation, do you presentation and leave. Go directly to your next presentation. Do not socialize on the job, your time is too valuable
  1. 7. “You always get exactly what you deserve.”
  • If you provide a lot of service, you will receive a lot of reward. If you provide little service, you will receive little reward.
  1. 8. “Set your goal, write it down and repeat it twenty times a day.”
  • If you have no destination, you will never arrive. Goal setting is a must for success.
  1. 9. “Visualize.”
  • What a human mind can conceive and believe, the human mind can achieve!
  1. 10. “Be an eternal optimist!”
  • People are always telling you what you can’t do, use this as fuel to prove them wrong
  1. 11. “Do it!”
  • Procrastination is your worst enemy. Just go to work!
  1. 12. “Do it right!”
  • Learn from the pros. Choose a role model to achieve top skills and strategies


These values will take  time for a person to require and routinely apply them in working. Even if one practices all these values, one will always have to I.C.A.N. (improving constantly and neverending)!