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I’ve never been good at Photoshop, it’s not impossible to learn, but I never spent the time learning because I didn’t think I’d ever be using it. Then I realized how expensive it could be to hire someone to use their imagination to create a logo for you. It’s difficult for me to grasp the idea of paying someone to use THEIR imagination to create something that will represent you and your philosophies. No matter how skilled and imaginative they are, I think there will always be something that they have missed out that you will later realize and kick yourself for not seeing it earlier. You might even notice it then but didn’t speak up because you don’t want to be an arrogant customer.

I read somewhere in an article that no matter what you are marketing, it’s all about branding. It’s all about marketing yourself. Then you will become attached to whatever product or service that you provide. In my logo for whatever I’m doing in the future, I want to incorporate my life and start branding from the very root of it all, myself.

I didn’t use my name in the logo, there’s just something not special enough about it. So I made up a word that I feel could be general enough to be used for whatever I want to do in the future and still be relevant to myself.

In my crude attempt at Photoshop, this is what I came up with…

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p.s. I welcome criticism



Yesterday, I had finally reach the halfway point of the first step I need to take in reaching my goal. I have completed half of the course I need to pass to start my career. Although it’s considered minuscule in the grand picture. I still feel that it’s worth a little personal celebration.

It’s definitely true that when you think you know what you want to do in the future and is determined, there’s not a lot that is able to stop you, despite the many obstacles that you can clearly foresee. There’s only literally 15 days until the initial deadline I give myself, but there’s always hope of finding a way to reach it. Regardless that this course has the thickest textbook I have ever studied. I still managed to get through half of it by now and I’m going faster and faster.

It’s halfway through the Summer 2010 and I have not done anything besides studying this course. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t done much this summer, comparing to the regular summers I used to have with all the house parties and drinking, but you can say this summer went exactly as planned. What’s left is ignore all the negativity and focus on the only thing I need to do now.

A while ago, I sudden had a feeling I need some luck to come my way. I did some research on it and found 貔貅 (pi xiu). I spent a couple of days reading over information on it then decided to go to the Buddhism Temple in Richmond to find one. Luckily, they did have it. I was surprised because it isn’t popular in Vancouver, yet. Maybe it was meant to be, it was expensive, and wore it ever since I got it. Religion DO cost money.

I have lived in Canada for over ten years. This summer is the first time I felt like I had to go to the Buddhism Temple. I wasn’t forced by anyone and no one triggered this thought, it just happened. I thought I was personally an atheist, but now I know, I’m halfway to Buddhism. Maybe it’s the latent effect of my childhood, my parents and grandparents are all Buddhists.

In general, Supposedly this 貔貅’s main purpose is to keep negative forces and bad luck away from you, its secondary purpose is to bring you wealth and help you keep it.  I felt like I needed a motivational booster in my life so I decided to find one.

Yesterday, I went to the Temple again, this time with Rex and Jeff. It’s weird that I find my mind peaceful when I go there. I never thought I’d be a “temple-goer”, but I have to admit, I like it. It’s good that you have someone to thank when you depend mostly on yourself when you achieve something. And it’s great to have someone/somewhere to go to when you need some strength to endure hardships. All we need sometime is to do things that’ll simply satisfy ourselves, without needing an explanation. You don’t lose anything to believe in something, but you don’t know what you could miss out on if you don’t. If you believe it, it exist.