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I’ve never been good at Photoshop, it’s not impossible to learn, but I never spent the time learning because I didn’t think I’d ever be using it. Then I realized how expensive it could be to hire someone to use their imagination to create a logo for you. It’s difficult for me to grasp the idea of paying someone to use THEIR imagination to create something that will represent you and your philosophies. No matter how skilled and imaginative they are, I think there will always be something that they have missed out that you will later realize and kick yourself for not seeing it earlier. You might even notice it then but didn’t speak up because you don’t want to be an arrogant customer.

I read somewhere in an article that no matter what you are marketing, it’s all about branding. It’s all about marketing yourself. Then you will become attached to whatever product or service that you provide. In my logo for whatever I’m doing in the future, I want to incorporate my life and start branding from the very root of it all, myself.

I didn’t use my name in the logo, there’s just something not special enough about it. So I made up a word that I feel could be general enough to be used for whatever I want to do in the future and still be relevant to myself.

In my crude attempt at Photoshop, this is what I came up with…

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p.s. I welcome criticism

Trump VIP tickets

Trump VIP tickets

On May 24th, 2009, I attended a seminar by Trump Institute. The speaker was Tim Payne, an associate of Trump. He specializes in real estate investment. He also ignited the fire within me to begin my research and to learn more about real estate foreclosures. 

Over 90% of wealthy people in the world earns their majority of money from real estate investments. Right now, with the global economy at the bottom of the pit, the prices on properties and real estates is at an all time low. The banks are foreclosing more assets than ever in the history. Right now is the perfect timing for me to step into the realm of real enstates. With the help of consultants from the Trump Institute, Iwill be given the right path to walk down with tibs  (real estate insider trading information, completely legal) provided by the consultants, I will be able to have an opportunity to build up a real estate portfolio. Of course, with work, dedication, and good judgement!

My goal by the time  I turn 25 y/o is to have at least $1 million in asset. This also fits Wall Street’s definition of wealth, having a million dollars working for you”. Learn to let the money work for you. You’re the employer, your money is the employee.

Wealthy people have 3 things in common

  1. If want to be wealthy believe it’s possible
    • Faith is moving cause of all action
    • Willing to pretend you’re wealthy before you can be wealthy
    • I’m FUCKEN WEALTHY!!!!!
    • Read “the secret” AGAIN
    • Hang out with people making great money
  1. Two sides to every equation
    • Want to be on the right side!
    • Wealthy people only look on the right side
    • Ex. If own thousands of gas barrels, will think gas price is TO LOW
    • Wealth is just work, the right way
    • Wealth has nothing to do with genetics
  2.         Pull the trigger
  • Make a decision
  • Don’t second guess
  • ¾ of solution to problem is to admit it exist
  • Never been indecisive
  • Never live from pay cheque to pay cheque
  • Ignorance is most expensive commodity on earth
  • Education is the highest priority investments
P.S. Don’t watch CNN (Constantly Negative News)
3 big days are coming up, June 4-6, 2009. I have enrolled in a training by Trump Institute to learn about the process of becoming a real estate investor. 
Currently, I have tapped into 3 type of business that are at their momentum stage. I will be continuously using my greatest effort to make them as profitable as possible during the next 3 months.
  1. Energy Savings Group (the natural gas industry)
  2. Real Estate investment
  3. Market America (e-commerce/direct marketing)
  4. online advertisements

How will I suceed? C.A.N.I.