Everybody knows that Google map is an amazing tool for anyone

As for real estate investors and agents, this free service provided by Google is actually more useful than you may imagine.

It provides all the properties listed for sell, for rent, and foreclosures.

Here are the easy steps for this amazing FREE information

Step 1:

Go to http://www.GoogleMaps.com

Step 2:

Type in the zip code or address of your target
investing area.
Step 3:

Then to the right there is a little tiny line
of blue text that says “show search options”.

On the drop down menu choose “real estate”.


GoogleMaps will give you a full map of your target investing area!

It will show you:

  • – Properties for sale
  • – Properties for rent
  • – Properties in foreclosure

This is a fast and easy way to get a visual overview of your investing area, for free.

If you’re buying a property you want to know what
percentage of properties in that area are for sale?

How saturated is the market?

It helps you not only plan your exit strategy properly,

You can go to a motivated seller and pull up
GoogleMaps.com and show them, “hey in your area
there are 47 other properties just like yours on the
market.  So if you need to sell now, this is why you
should take the creative offer I am giving you
because this is your best option.”

And on the foreclosure part –
You can see properties or even land lots in foreclosure.

Again – before buying or selling you want to know
what the foreclosure percentage looks like in the area.

This is a great resource for compiling details of the comp. in the interested area where you are planning to buy/sell/invest!